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A statement from Texas Freedom to Read Project on the March 26, 2024 decision by Montgomery County Commissioners Court to remove librarians from the reconsideration committees for childrens, YA and parenting book.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2024

(Texas, USA)

Texas Freedom to Read Project stands with over 1200 Montgomery County public library patrons, staff and supporters who petitioned the Montgomery County Commissioners Court to reject a policy that removes librarians from the reconsideration process for challenged childrens, YA and parenting books in the Montgomery County Memorial Library.

Librarians are experts in balancing the unique needs, values and first amendment rights of their communities and should always have a voice, and a vote, when books are challenged.

We are disappointed, unsurprised and undeterred by the outcome of today’s vote in Montgomery County. We are actively working with community members to identify their options and will support them in whatever steps they choose to take next to defend the freedom to read in Montgomery County.

About Texas Freedom to Read Project

Texas Freedom to Read Project strives to defend, protect and preserve the rights of every Texan, especially public school students, to freely read and access information and ideas. Our mission is to support, connect and mobilize parent & community member led initiatives fighting for student rights and against censorship and book bans in Texas. 

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