Texans Have a Freedom to Read

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Texas is at the forefront of restricting one of the most fundamental rights we enjoy in the United States.

By passing laws like HB900, our politicians have decided it’s their job to legislate whose stories can be told, and what books we are allowed- and not allowed- to read. 

At the Texas Freedom to Read Project, we believe this notion to be fundamentally untrue.  To us, the First Amendment is essential to a free society.  The ability to freely exchange ideas, to speak out, to listen in return, to write and to read without the government telling us what we are or are not allowed to say or not say—that is true liberty.  

Our rights are under attack. 

“PEN America defines a school book ban as any action taken against a book based on its content and as a result of parent or community challenges, administrative decisions, or in response to direct or threatened action by lawmakers or other governmental officials, that leads to a previously accessible book being either completely removed from availability to students, or where access to a book is restricted or diminished” according to its’ website. According to PEN America, during the 2022-2023 school year, Texas public school districts banned 625 books. Texas is second only to Florida, who recorded over 1,400 school book bans in the same time period. 

How can we fight book bans in Texas?

At the Texas Freedom to Read Project, we are building a network of like-minded families and individuals that believe everyone’s rights to read and have access to public libraries that serve ALL Texans should be protected.  We cannot do this alone.  We need your help. And we want to help you, too.  

Locally, you can just start by informing yourself!  Is censorship happening in your community?  We are here to teach you how to submit public records requests to look into the state of book bans in your own backyard.  We’ll help you understand what questions to ask, and how to submit necessary forms to help you gather information about what is happening in your community.

Sign our petition to join the network of parents and community allies fighting censorship in Texas!

Texas has 1026 independent school districts. Get involved in yours. 

Your local school board is an excellent place to get involved.  Even if you do not want to serve on it, just being present at school board meetings and adding your voice to the conversation can be incredibly powerful! And don’t worry if you’re not a public speaker or a speech writer: we are here to help prepare and support you.  

Speaking at public meetings can be scary: but we need local voices to speak out against censorship in their communities.

Stay informed. 

We will track the legislation around book bans and censorship efforts, and we will regularly update you with the information you need in order to take action.  If the Texas legislature takes action around libraries, speech, or book bans, you will hear about it from us.

Spread the word.  

In order to turn the tide on book bans and censorship in Texas, we need a solid network of people willing to speak up and take action. Invite your book loving friends and neighbors to sign our petition and join our cause. Tell us when you’ve gotten a ban reversed, when you’ve successfully stopped infringement on your local library.  Tell us about books being challenged and banned in your school district and at your local library.  

With every baseless challenge, every ban that is reversed, every student who finds themselves in the pages of the books (mis)labeled “harmful” and “obscene,” we are assured that Texans fighting for the freedom to read are on the right side of the battle over books.  

Take action to defend first amendment freedoms and fight censorship in Texas, now.

  • Sign the Texas Freedom to Read Project petition to join the growing community of Texans who are committed to ensuring intellectual and first amendment freedoms in our state. 
  • Volunteer your time and talents, to help us organize, mobilize and support those fighting book bans in their local communities. 
  • Purchase some merch to help spread the word about Texas Freedom to Read Project. A portion of purchase proceeds come back to Texas Freedom to Read Project, to help support our work.
  • Donate $5, $10 or $25 to Texas Freedom to Read Project. We are a parent led, volunteer run organization. Every dollar donated will be spent in the fight to defend the freedom to read in Texas.


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