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Texas Freedom to Read Project, launched in December 2023, seeks to connect, support & mobilize parent led groups fighting to protect students' right to read throughout the state.

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How Will Fort Bend ISD Respond?

Blasphemy. Vulgar and racist language. Radical political ideology. Radically pro-abortion. Violence including self-harm and suicidal ideations. Anti-religious. Profanity. Rape. Gore. Alcohol use by minors. Illegal drug use. Controversial religious commentary.  When objectors specify ideology they oppose, in addition to the sexually explicit content they describe, how is one to know whether they oppose the book based on the sexually descriptive content, or the ideas it contains? This distinction matters. In Island Trees v. Pico the Supreme Court ruled that the Island Trees School Board did *not* have the authority to remove books it characterized as “anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, and just plain filthy.”

Will the Fort Bend ISD Board work to defend, or dismantle, the freedom to read on Wednesday?

The FBISD School Board of Trustees will conduct a Special Called Workshop meeting on Wednesday, June 5 at 6PM, to receive, consider and discuss information related to EF Local: Instructional Resources (aka classroom and school library books). This Workshop is the result of the vote by the FBISD Board on April 8, to postpone further discussion and revision to the EF Local Policy until after a workshop could be conducted to gather more information to inform and guide policy making.

A Letter to Texas Superintendents, Trustees & Curriculum Directors:

On Monday, May 6, 2024, Texas Freedom to Read Project, Students Engaged in Advancing Texas, Authors Against Book Bans, and Children's Defense Fund of Texas sent the following joint letter to Superintendents, Trustees and Curriculum Directors, throughout the state of Texas, regarding the implementation of HB900 and the Texas State Library & Archive Commission library development standards. 

EveryLibrary and Texas Freedom to Read Project Candidate Survey

For the first time, Texas Freedom to Read Project has paired with EveryLibrary to survey Texas school board candidates about their positions on school book bans, the freedom to read, and the value of libraries and public schools in Texas. Surveys were sent to candidates for the May elections in the 150 largest school districts in Texas, as well as State Board of Education candidates. 60 replied; 22 filled out the survey completely.  The survey reveals some deep divisions in the ways Texans approach restrictions on instructional materials and library books. But it also reflects a general consensus about the importance of libraries and librarians, a recognition that parental rights do not extend to limiting choices for all students, and a wariness towards certain methods and approaches to removing books from Texas schools. 

The Last Page Turns: Good-bye to the heartbeat of our schools

Today…due to budget cuts...Librarians were eliminated.Today…33,545 students lost.

Fort Bend ISD School Board Considers Major Policy Changes to Book Selection & Reconsideration Policy

The Fort Bend ISD board of trustees plans to discuss and consider significant changes proposed by trustees David Hamilton and Sonya Jones during the Board Workshop meeting on Monday, April 8. A copy of the proposed EF Local policy can be found on the FBISD website, and linked here for your convenience.  Worth noting, FBISD recently undertook an update and revisions to their EF Local policy in April 2023, and the board, including trustees Hamilton and Jones, voted unanimously to adopt the policy.  Following the March 25 FBISD Board Meeting, Trustee David Hamilton announced plans to bring an updated EF Policy to the Board Workshop Meeting scheduled for April 8, that he says will be brought up for a vote by the school board on April 22.

Concerns Over Book Censorship in Garland ISD: A Parent's Perspective

As a long-time parent within the Garland Independent School District (GISD), I have always valued the commitment of educators to foster an environment of learning and exploration for our children. However, recent developments regarding the censorship of books within school libraries have raised significant concerns among parents like myself.

Montgomery County Commissioners Court to Vote on Removal of Librarians From Reconsideration Committees

The Montgomery County Commissioners Court is proposing and voting on a new Reconsideration of Library Materials Policy on March 26, 2024. This proposed policy would strip librarians at the Montgomery County Memorial Library System of their voice—and the community of the librarians’ knowledge and expertise. Moreover, it gives the power to five, commissioner-appointed citizens to dictate which children’s, young adult and parenting books can remain on the library’s shelves.

Banning Books is Counterproductive to Addressing Literacy Issues in Texas

In recent years, Texas has been involved in many debates over banning books in educational institutions and public libraries. Advocates argue that such actions are vital for shielding young minds from objectionable content, while critics say that book banning undermines intellectual freedom and overlooks the root problem of literacy. Texas faces a significant literacy challenge, often called an "illiteracy" problem. However, banning books is not the remedy for this issue. Instead, there are more effective strategies for enhancing literacy rates among Texas residents.

Llano ISD Plans to Implement BookmarkED: Parent Sounds Alarm

Public Comment Delivered to Llano ISD School Board on 2/26/24- My name is Leila Green Little.  My children are the 5th generation in their family to attend Llano’s public schools, with two of their grandmothers having taught here, and ancestors with names carved into the concrete in front of the O. Henry building.  I love this public school system.  I received an excellent education here, and feel that my children are also receiving an excellent education from caring, hardworking teachers.   I applaud our librarians, administrators, and school board, most especially for their adherence to policies and procedures in the face of attempted intimidation.  The ship is right, and I hope we don’t steer off course.  

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